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The Hostellerie de Plaisance, with its amazing unobstructed view of the prestigious UNESCO-classed vineyard, is an unrivalled stop in Saint-Emilion on the right banks of the Garonne. Recently renovated by Alberto Pinto Interior Design, its refined and timeless decor echoes the savoury cuisine of Ronan Kervarrec, which is inspired by his Breton roots, the seasons and a savant use of regional products, and which earned two Michelin stars in 2017. A list of exceptional wines completes this celebrated stop.


Ronan Kervarrec


“My cuisine is simple, legible, combining quality with taste, and it is also rich from our terroir and of products worked by passionate women and men. Ocean and Earth in their simplest expression for your pleasure.
Love is cooking every day. »


  • Vision of a seafood plater 
    Oyster and tangy meringue and chervil sorbet,
    Shellfisf, crab’s claw, smoky coral and Aquitaine caviar ”Sturia”,
    Dublin Bay prawn and shellfish with sea-scented jelly,
    Sea foam, periwinkle toast with sage
  • Line-fished hake from Saint-Jean-de-Luz  
    Pearly sheen cooked with bone stock, potatoes cooked in “goémon” broth,
    sea beans and wild green asparagus, meat quenelle with Kari Goss
  • Veal sweetbreads                                                                                                                                           Pan-sautéed crunchy kernel, sweet-and-sour onion bell,
    home-made andouillette with mustard seeds and tarragon, souffléed potato



Informations additionnelles

Informations additionnelles
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    Sunday & Monday
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    From mid-December to mid-February


L’Hostellerie de Plaisance
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L’Hostellerie de Plaisance
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