Ni Wayan Suweni
Executive assistant chef

« I am proud to be the executive assistant chef of Mozaïc. Looking at my career, I tell myself it’s a great evolution since I arrived in the kitchen 11 years ago. »

I am originally from Bali. I started by working in a hotel before joining the Mozaïc teams, where I learned everything about cooking. I then followed a six-month professional training course, which allowed me to start as a junior clerk. Today, I am 32 years old, and I am the executive sous chef of the restaurant.

My grandfather was a cook. He was going to travel the world, which made me want to do this job. For my part, I had the chance to accompany Chef Chris to Jakarta during the famous “Iron Chef” competition.

How did you meet Chef Chris? What do you like about the Chef’s cuisine and his philosophy?

Chef Chris is a true mentor to me. He tastes all the dishes. I particularly appreciate his attention to detail and his demand for the quality of the products and the plates we serve in the restaurant. As both Chef and owner, he organized our workspace. He is an exemplary Chef. He is accompanied on a daily basis by Blake, his Executive Chef.

Is the cuisine at Mozaïc restaurant typically Indonesian?

At Mozaïc, we use local products, endemic fruits, and very aromatic fresh spices. It reminds me of the cooking my mother used to cook at home. I love this alliance between local ingredients and French techniques used by Chef Chris. This gives rise to a truly unique cuisine.
Balinese cuisine is rich in ancient spices (ginger, camphor galangal, etc.) used in many preparations, such as marinades for carpaccio. We also have a lot of fruit: pomelo, kaffir lime (also called combawa), or even kluwak (“black nut”), which is used in many typically Indonesian dishes.

Ni Wayan Suweni career in 5 keys dates

  • 2012 : Arrival at Mozaïc. Professional training for 6 months, then junior clerk
  • 2013 : Senior Commiss, Mozaïc
  • 2014 : Head of party, Mozaïc
  • 2016 : Sous chef, Mozaïc
  • 2020 : Executive assistant chef, Mozaïc


Do you have a specialty or favorite dish?

We do not have a signature dish in the restaurant because the menu is constantly changing, depending on the products and the seasons. It’s this creativity and this constant challenge that drives me.

I really like our foie gras dish. We add a fruit that we call “belimbing” (“baby star fruit” in English and “carambole” in French), which gives it this unique taste—a little Sweet and salty.

Tell us about an endemic product you love.

A mixture of spices called “Bumbu” is used at home for cooking and gives the dish a very special taste. In Indonesia, it is used with meat, seafood, and vegetables, in stews, and in soups. There are as many versions as there are regions of Indonesia!

How would you describe the Balinese food scene?

Balinese cuisine is rooted in a deep and ancient culture. It uses many aromatic spices and fresh local ingredients. This dynamic scene has favored the emergence of numerous gourmet restaurants, generally run by Europeans.

Are there many female chefs in Bali?

Many women are in the kitchen in Bali; it’s part of the culture. They are also very present in pastries. At Mozaïc, of the 40 people in the kitchen, 12 are women.

Is there a high proportion of local customers who come to Mozaïc?

During the holidays, the share of locals increases, but we remain mainly frequented by tourists.

What do you want to convey to your customers?

An exceptional dining experience requires creativity, new flavors, and fresh local products. I like to take an educational approach that allows me to explain Balinese cuisine through the dishes.

What are you proud of?

I am proud to be the executive assistant chef of Mozaïc. When I look at my career, I tell myself it’s a remarkable evolution since I arrived in the kitchen 11 years ago.

Why should you come to Bali, and your restaurant?

Bali is a very beautiful destination with many tourist sites and places to visit. The locals are warm and have a great sense of welcome.

At Mozaïc, we go even further than the simple tourist experience: our ambition is to introduce Balinese gastronomy so that everyone can get to know it better and learn more about the local culture.

A woman you admire?

My mother always encouraged and supported me during my cooking apprenticeship and continues to do so.

What are your projects?

I would like to open my establishment one day. A gourmet restaurant where I will highlight local products in my way.