The association Les Grandes Tables du Monde welcomes 10 new members in 2023

On Monday, January 30th 2023, Les Grandes Tables Du Monde gathered with its members in the Salons Historiques of the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris for a cocktail party organised by Chef Quentin Testart and his teams to unveil the Association’s 2023 Guide and introduce its newest members: 10 this year, including 7 abroad.

The restaurant experience is celebrated every day in each of the establishments inducted and recommended by Les Grandes Tables du Monde.
Discover the world’s greatest restaurants and experience the entirely different and unique level of pleasure only they can provide.
Our members are devoted to building some of your most precious memories. It’s what we do. It’s much more than simply a mindset. It’s an entire lifestyle.





These one hundred and seventy-eight Grandes Tables du Monde, united under their emblem, Cocteau’s Rooster, all possess that certain extra something special. If we go to a restaurant to eat well, we go to a Grande Table to enjoy an experience of heightened finesse. It is with immense pride that the member restaurateurs, under the leadership of association president David Sinapian, and its board members, are presently writing the new pages of a contemporary and festive gastronomy.



Jamie Kim


David Toutain

« Every day is a learning experience, with infinite possibilities, it’s wonderful! And the guests, above all else. They are the ones who bring me the most. We host at least one birthday a day: for me, it’s a day like any other, but for them it’s a unique moment, we must give it our all with great heart and passion to make this meal unforgettable. »

For its 68th Annual Congress, the association Les Grandes Tables Du Monde celebrates a gastronomic experience always in movement

For its 68th Annual Congress, the association Les Grandes Tables Du Monde celebrates a gastronomic experience always in movement

The 68th Annual Congress of Les Grandes Tables du Monde was held in Salzburg, Austria, from October 16th to 18th 2022. The association celebrated 4 personalities who contribute, both in the kitchen and in the dining room, to pushing the boundaries of the gastronomic experience around the world. The event held in Austria was also an opportunity to award an honorary prize to a famous name in Austrian cuisine, who has contributed to its success beyond the country’s borders and who initiated, 20 years ago in Salzburg, a project that is now revolutionising the way we think about restaurants, beyond the dining room walls, into an always moving experience.

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