The restaurant experience is celebrated every day in each of the establishments inducted and recommended by Les Grandes Tables du Monde.
Discover the world’s greatest restaurants and experience the entirely different and unique level of pleasure only they can provide.
Our members are devoted to building some of your most precious memories. It’s what we do. It’s much more than simply a mindset. It’s an entire lifestyle.





These one hundred and ninety-two Grandes Tables du Monde, united under their emblem, Cocteau’s Rooster, all possess that certain extra something special. If we go to a restaurant to eat well, we go to a Grande Table to enjoy an experience of heightened finesse. It is with immense pride that the member restaurateurs, under the leadership of association president David Sinapian, and its board members, are presently writing the new pages of a contemporary and festive gastronomy.


Les rencontres

Les Rencontres #1

How can gastronomy adapt to stay relevant in our ever-changing society? These two days of dinners and conferences explore the contemporary challenges faced by restaurateurs. From disability inclusion to integrating art in restaurants, including creativity in the face of artificial intelligence, discover the keys to redefining the gastronomic experience. Who is today's gourmet customer? How do you create unforgettable emotional experiences?
Join us to rethink gastronomy and anticipate the expectations of tomorrow.

Ni Wayan Suweni

Ni Wayan Suweni

Sous-cheffe exécutive

Mozaic, Indonésie

« Je suis fière d’être la sous-cheffe exécutive de Mozaïc. Quand je regarde mon parcours, je me dis que c’est une belle évolution depuis que je suis arrivée ici en cuisine, il y a 11 ans. »

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Star Nights – Spondi x Tantris Maison Culinaire

Star Nights – Spondi x Tantris Maison Culinaire

Nestled in the heart of Athens, Spondi lives in its discreet and serene room in winter and exults in summer in its green courtyard. Thanks to chef Arnaud Bignon, it has become an essential address for gastronomes. Arnaud’s creativity and the humble yet impressive mastery of his dishes mark his cuisine.
In his constant quest for innovation and encounters, the man who was one of the youngest chefs to receive two Michelin stars invited three of his chef friends for a series of dinners called Star Nights.

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