Nestled in the heart of Athens, Spondi lives in its discreet and serene room in winter and exults in summer in its green courtyard.
Thanks to chef Arnaud Bignon, it has become an essential address for gastronomes. Arnaud’s creativity and the humble yet impressive mastery of his dishes mark his cuisine.

In his constant quest for innovation and encounters, the man who was one of the youngest chefs to receive two Michelin stars invited three of his chef friends for a series of dinners called Star Nights.

A few weeks ago, Arnaud Bignon received Benjamin Chmura, the charismatic and dynamic chef of Tantris Maison Culinaire (Munich).
Pooling their talents, these two chefs offered the thirty guests a gastronomic discussion in seven acts, captivating everyone with precise and daring creations.

From the start, the tone is set with a subtle and harmonious crab cannelé, trout roe, orange and celery curry.

The elegant and refined scallop and black truffle pâté made an impression with its richness and power.

An ode to classic French cuisine, this dish features monkfish and green beans, enhanced by turmeric and nori sauce, which gives it an unexpected insolence. The sweetbread dish embodies all the techniques and mastery involved in cooking.

In terms of service, from French bubbles and finest wines to Greek vineyards, from precise presentation to friendly support, everything was precisely measured and marked by generosity.

On paper, Spondi and Tantris seem like two very different restaurants, one emphasizing the tradition of gastronomic institutions while the second shares a contemporary vision of haute cuisine. What was undeniable about this dinner is that beyond the decor, the creative chefs at the heart of these houses share a common vision, a mission of excellence with a particular ambition: creating the world’s greatest tables.

This dinner was a formidable discussion of great intensity.

Star Nights by Spondi
Benjamin Chmura, Tantris Maison Culinaire,on February 20.

Jean-Philippe Blondet, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, on March 4.
Yannick Franques, La Tour d’Argent on April 6.