A new website

                    We are delighted to introduce you to our new website. We have entirely redesigned the browsing experience to introduce you seamlessly and effortlessly to the restaurants of our members and do justice visually to the excellence of each.

We invite you to explore this global collection of fine dining gems.

Having achieved this priority, we would like to draw your attention to other aspects of our work, which we believe to be equally essential.

Firstly, we would like to explain that the Les Grandes Tables du Monde association exists for the benefit of three distinct audiences united by a series of complementary goals.

The first is the audience of global diners hungry and impatient for the experiences to be found in our world and our exceptionally and fundamentally exclusive collection. To create a great restaurant, you need a very large number of ingredients. So our membership does not increase very quickly! Nevertheless, we now offer you 174 of the finest dining destinations, and will add more with the 2019 vintage of accreditations. Our desire here is to keep you informed and, above all, to encourage you to discover and experience these personal and richly diverse worlds.

Secondly, we also exist for our members, who join us often after a long and successful professional career. For them, membership of this closed club of the world’s best restaurants is always a source of pride and pleasure. For our members, we also wish to emphasise and highlight the vitality of their association, its modernisation and the constant stream of changes made over several years. We are in no doubt that our long history and our highly exclusive admission criteria have succeeded in building a community like no other.

We would also like to take this opportunity of reminding our members of our redefined values:

  • the excellence that unites all our member establishments and makes Les Grandes Tables du Monde a seamless and strong community
  • the conviviality decreed by our founders, which remains central to everything we do, and which enables our members to meet and interact, both of which we see as essential
  • a global perspective: over the last fifteen years, fine cuisine has become a global business. Our members are located in 25 countries, and this openness to the world, its diversity of practices and its distinct cultures is crucial. It is what enriches and enhances our profession
  • a distinctively French inspiration: the lifestyle that flows through Les Grandes Tables du Monde was defined in France from the 1950s onwards. That sensibility and expertise is still shared by all our members.

Our vocation is clear: to promote gastronomy as a distinct and special approach to restaurant service. The fact of the matter is that our members do not offer simply environments in which to eat, but distinctively strong and rare experiences. Our mission is to support, represent and explain these special ingredients.

Lastly, we serve our partners. They are essential to us, because they open up new horizons to us. Converging their specialist expertise and exploring their offerings and products helps us keep up-to-date with the latest developments. Our selection of partners is intentionally restricted, because our quest is to work only the most appropriate and those most consistent with what we do. These interactions are both rich and encouraging. And that is why part of this website is exclusively devoted to our partners.

Our new website will also introduce you to a section on our rich history and archives.

We have also introduced a magazine section in which we will regularly publish new items to keep you up-to-date, and contribute to the ongoing discussion of how our professions are evolving.

We also introduce you to the members of our Board of Directors, who work alongside our members to maintain the vibrancy of this association. Lastly, we introduce you to the team of dedicated employees who make this vision a reality on a daily basis. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking them publicly.

Enjoy your visit!