Launch of 2020 guide :

the association more and more attractive internationally

On Monday, January 27th, the association Les Grandes Tables Du Monde gathered its members at the Pavillon Ledoyen, to unveil its 2020 guide as well as its new members: 13 this year, 12 of which outside of France. Overview.


As a leading figure in French gastronomy, the association does not intend to limit itself to French borders alone. From Shanghai to New York, the community of restaurateurs has constantly expanded to new territories: in recent years, 75% of new members were located outside France. The proof can be found in the newest members: 10 countries, 13 tables and as many identities of their own, including the very first Chinese cuisine restaurant, based in Hong Kong!

The reasons for such attractiveness? A global vision of what a great table is and and a strong sense of community. When it was created in 1954, the Association’s ambition was to promote the conception of French high-end gastronomy traditions, but already, its founders were envisioning a worldwide association of united restaurateurs.

In 1957, the first foreign member (Marcel Kreusch from the Villa Lorraine,Brussels) joined the Association. Having emerged from the unique French bosom, gastronomy and the demanding professions that result from it have become a worldwide affair, the effervescence of which the Association intends to promote.


Today, with 188 members in 25 countries and 392 michelin stars – 60% of which are abroad- the association represents one of the largest communities of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. In 2020, nearly one out of two ** and *** restaurant will be a member of Les Grandes Tables du Monde and 80% of the *** restaurants already display Jean Cocteau’s cockerel on their shop fronts.

How to explain this success ? For the president David Sinapian, it all comes down to the community : “Our association is now plural. But it is particularly coherent, because we all share the same questions, the same challenges and the same ambitions. This is what makes us strong : forging links, creating conversation and offering moments of sharing and exchange between members! »


The 13 new members are a living proof of this. What connects Lung King Heen, a Hong Kong restaurant by Chan Yan Tak inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine to the Casadelmar by Fabio Bragagnolo, a fervent defender of Corsican terroir based in Porto-Veccio, to the Manresa by David Kinch, a true Californian gastronomic actor ? Each one represents one vision at one place in the world of what contemporary gastronomy should be today.


Céline Couillon, restaurateur owner of La Marine, recalled the importance of the program « Prominent women » and invited members of the association to participate.

Born in January 2019 form a need to encourage women to join the teams of our houses to better undestand the diversity of professions and a desire to highlight different but all inspiring paths, the program will continue this year to enhance the work of women in our homes.


Les Grandes Tables du Monde has decided to travel to Asia in 2020.

After successful congresses in iconic destinations, full of emotions and stories, the association is embracing Asia’s dynamism. And in this region, one city stands for its recent real culinary revolution : Bangkok. The proactive and determined policy that led to the combined arrival of the Asia’s 50 Best ranking and the Michelin Guide Thailand has propelled the city to the cnter of the world’s gastronomic scene.

Today, exceptional tables are legion, and the influences are from all over. Thai restaurants rub shoulders with Indian cuisine as well as with German restaurants. One example is the restaurant** of the Sürhing brothers, which joins the association this year. Also noteworthy is the iconic and historic French restaurant of the Oriental Hotel: La Normandie, a member of the Grandes Tables du Monde and one of Bangkok’s gastronomy temple since since the 1970s.

“Thanks to its energy, culture and history, the Thai capital will offer our members spectacular images and powerful experiences that will forge unforgettable memories. What’s more, its rapid evolution in the gastronomic spheres alone constitutes a strong attraction for members of the Grandes Tables du Monde who wish to discover and understand the reasons for such dynamism.” Nicolas Chatenier, General Delegate of Les Grandes Tables du Monde.